Understanding The Legal Process

  • How Fudging Your Resume Can Get You Fired (Or Sent To Prison)

    4 November 2015

    Given that 70% of college students admit that they'd lie to get a job, it seems like a lot of people don't see anything wrong with a little bit of "revisionist history" when it comes to what they put down on their resume. Most people think that the worst thing that will happen if they get caught down the line is that they'll lose the job, but sometimes the consequences are far more severe.

  • Dealing With A Hit And Run Accident Claim

    9 October 2015

    In an ideal world, every motorist would stop and exchange information (contact and insurance) after an accident. However, some drivers who believe they can get away with their actions do not always stop. This makes it difficult for victims of hit and run accidents to make claims and get appropriate compensation. However, this shouldn't stop you from pursuing a claim if you are such an accident. Here are some steps to help you get compensation:

  • Calculating Your Estate: 3 Mistakes That People Make When Valuing Their Estate

    8 October 2015

    One of the first things you have to do when you're planning your estate is to figure out your net worth, which will help you determine the value of your estate. While the process seems pretty straight forward at first -- add up all of your assets and deduct all of your debts and liabilities -- it is very easy to make mistakes. Undervaluing or overvaluing assets are among the most common mistakes that people make along with failing to include obscure or unusual assets.

  • Did Your Infant Die During Childbirth? Get Legal Help Fast

    7 October 2015

    If you were in labor for hours and your obstetrician didn't take you in for a C-section, and you think this resulted in your infant's death, call a lawyer right away. If your baby died because they were trapped or because of other complications and you think that it could have been avoided, there are some things you need to know.  You need to keep your thoughts to yourself and not talk about the case without consulting with a lawyer, and with the other parent of the child.

  • Three Things To Do Before Suing Your Neighbor For Encroaching On Your Property

    7 October 2015

    A property dispute with a neighbor can be an unsavory affair, but you can't just back down if you believe that he or she is enriching on your property. The good news is that real estate laws can help you get legal redress. However, you shouldn't rush into filing a lawsuit without taking these three actions first: Arm Yourself with the Right Information Arguing from a point of ignorance will only make the situation worse.

  • What Are Wobbler Crimes?

    6 October 2015

    When you face criminal charges, the entire process can be long, costly, and scary, and you might not know what to expect. Of the many types of crimes people can commit and be charged with, wobbler crimes are not well known. If the crime you committed falls into this category, here are three things you should understand. What Is a Wobbler Crime? A wobbler crime is one that could be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony, and it is up to the court how the crime is pursued.

  • When Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets Through Their Business

    5 October 2015

    If you are getting divorced and your spouse has a business, there are several ways they could be hiding assets through it. You should be aware of the red flags that they are doing this, and what you can do if they are being dishonest with you. General Signs of Spousal Dishonesty You should be suspicious if your soon-to-be ex will not answer your questions about finances or is intentionally vague.