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Thinking About A Divorce? Here Are Some Things You Should Do First

by Eli Gregory

If you've spent years in an unhappy marriage, you may be finally thinking about dissolving it. However, before you take the plunge and get in touch with a divorce attorney, it is wise to do the following things first.

Seek Out a Therapist

You might have tried to get your spouse to go with you to therapy for years and they refused. However, you can still seek out a therapist on your own, and there are some reasons you should.

For one thing, a good therapist can help you determine whether you simply want changes to be made in your marriage or whether you want your marriage to be completely over. You might be surprised to discover that you do want to stay with your spouse or that you may be able to feel more confident that a divorce is the only solution.

Your therapist can also help you handle any feelings of stress, anxiety or depression you might be feeling as a result of your marriage. Working through these feelings can help you feel better about your life and can give you the guidance you need to proceed with a divorce, if that's what you ultimately choose.

Start Thinking about Your Future Budget

If you do go through with a divorce, you might already be thinking about the ways your financial life might change. You may need to spend money on a place to live, and you might need to think seriously about how you'll pay a multitude of bills without your spouse's income. Instead of waiting for a battle with your spouse over assets and any alimony or child support, it is smart to detail what a future budget would look like. 

Start looking for apartments in a neighborhood you might live in. Start paying attention to how much money you spend on food and fuel. Get a clear idea of how much your expenses will be and how you might pay for those expenses if your divorce leaves you with less money than you expect. This will help you to avoid surprises that may put you in financial trouble later.

The end of your marriage may be inevitable. However, if you are able to do the things suggested above, you may very well be able to take steps that can help you handle your divorce in a better way. When you are finally really to contact divorce lawyers like Nichols, Speidel, & Nichols, you will be able to do so with a plan and a clear conscience.