Understanding The Legal Process

  • Reducing A Tax Refund Offset By Filing As An Injured Spouse

    28 September 2015

    Some married tax filers are taken by surprise when some or all of their federal tax refund is not received due to earlier, unpaid debts. Individuals married to a spouse who owes back obligations for government debt or child support may receive their own portion of a federal tax refund by requesting relief as an injured spouse. For tax purposes, the designation of injured spouse is not to be confused with that of innocent spouse.

  • Understanding Social Security Disability Benefits

    27 September 2015

    We have all heard of Social Security, and anyone with a typical job pays into Social Security every paycheck. But if you have never needed to use it, you might not know exactly how it works. Learn about Social Security here so you can make informed decisions if you ever think you need it. What is Social Security? Social security is a government program that helps people in financial need. It gives economic security to millions of Americans who can't work because of disability, unemployment, retirement, or family death.