Understanding The Legal Process

  • Why Is My DUI A Felony Rather Than A Misdemeanor?

    5 October 2015

    When you are accused of driving under the influence, commonly referred to as a DUI by legal experts, a judge can either charge you with a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor typically involves a lenient sentence, such as a large fine, time at a rehab center, or a few days in jail. A felony charge is much more serious than a misdemeanor and requires the assistance of a DUI attorney who can help keep you from landing a lengthy jail sentence.

  • Lead Paint and Your Apartment: What You Need to Know

    1 October 2015

    Lead paint can cause serious health concerns, particularly for young children. If you discover your apartment has lead-based paint and your landlord did not disclose this information, you may be wondering what action you can take to ensure the health and safety of your family. Here are a few steps to take after discovering the presence of lead paint in your home so you can protect your legal rights. Find Out about Your State's Laws

  • Four Steps To Take If You Want To Market Your Microbrew

    30 September 2015

    Did you get caught up in the micro-brewing beer craze that began to heavily spread across the country since 2005? Maybe you came up with a unique recipe all your own or maybe you worked from one that had been handed down through several generations of family members. Either way, if you have a product that you're proud of, it may be time to turn that hobby into a commercial business venture.

  • 3 Reasons For A Prenuptial Agreement When Divorce Isn't The Concern

    29 September 2015

    Some engaged couples shy away from setting up a prenuptial agreement. They worry it implies they're at risk of getting divorced. If this describes your situation, understand that you're not alone in feeling this way. There are good reasons to set up a prenup that don't involve a future split. Knowing some of those reasons may convince you to have one set up if you know this arrangement is advisable.  Children From Previous Relationships Receive Their Fair Share

  • A Guide To Using An Environmental Law Attorney

    29 September 2015

    Whether you are hit with an ecological pollution violation or need help passing an inspection, there may come a time in the course of your business that you will need the help of an environmental law attorney. You need to be sure that you understand the ins and outs of how an environmental law attorney works, so that you can hire the right attorney for your needs. When this is what you are looking for, follow this guide and reach out to an environmental attorney who can provide for you.

  • Remember These 4 Things After Getting Into A Car Accident

    29 September 2015

    A car accident can be a harrowing experience, and if you have recently been in one, all you may want to do is rest and put the situation behind you. However, if you are seeing a financial settlement because of your injuries, it is important to keep the following things in mind. Tell Your Lawyer About Your Past The other driver's insurance company will do everything it can to prove that you were in the wrong on the day of the accident.

  • Reducing A Tax Refund Offset By Filing As An Injured Spouse

    28 September 2015

    Some married tax filers are taken by surprise when some or all of their federal tax refund is not received due to earlier, unpaid debts. Individuals married to a spouse who owes back obligations for government debt or child support may receive their own portion of a federal tax refund by requesting relief as an injured spouse. For tax purposes, the designation of injured spouse is not to be confused with that of innocent spouse.