Understanding The Legal Process

  • Three Ways To Stay Out Of Jail After A Consecutive DUI Charge

    19 December 2019

    Not every choice is a good choice. Sometimes getting behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs or medications results in an arrest. If you have had more than one consecutive DUI charge, you could be facing prison time, and that is definitely something you want to avoid. Here are three ways to stay out of jail after a consecutive DUI charge and possible pending conviction: Hire a Really Good DUI Attorney

  • An Unscrupulous Employer May Attempt To Hide Evidence Of A Workplace Electrocution

    16 November 2019

    Electricians are at risk of getting electrocuted due to the nature of their jobs, but anyone who works in an office or other environment can also encounter this type of injury. Faulty wiring, for example, may lead you to getting electrocuted and seriously burned. Most employers will acknowledge their mistake and agree to give you the compensation that you deserve, but it's possible that you work for someone unscrupulous who not only deny your claim, but also denies that your injury took place at work.

  • Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

    17 September 2019

    The divorce process can be painful to deal with emotionally, and it has many legal complexities, too. If you're wondering whether it's worth it to hire a divorce attorney, consider these four reasons why it is a good choice to retain counsel before you agree to anything or have to go to court. Provide Insulation One of the best reasons to seek the services of a lawyer is to provide a degree of insulation between you and your ex.

  • The Case Value Contingency Fee Connection

    29 May 2019

    If you are certain that the insurance company is giving you the run-around after a car accident, you may need to speak to a personal injury attorney. When another driver is at fault for the wreck, you are owed money damages. Some auto insurance agencies loathe to pay most victims what they need and deserve unless you have an attorney on your side. Getting legal help with your case might be easier than you expect.

  • Don't Let Your Baby Boomer Divorce Turn To A Bust

    24 March 2019

    As you age, more and more attention should be paid to financial issues. Less time to correct errors and to ascend the career ladder means that your attention should be on your bottom line at all times. After all, who wants to be a burden to someone else? If you are entering your later years and proudly refer to yourself as a "baby boomer", your retirement age is fast approaching. If you are also about to be divorced, there are several important financial issues that require your attention, so read on to learn more.

  • 3 Reasons You Might Want Help From A Disability Law Attorney

    16 January 2019

    If you have recently become disabled, you may have the right to financial compensation either from the party that injured you or through direct aid from the government. Filing for disability with the government in particular can be a complicated process and it's easy to feel overwhelmed if you've never dealt with anything like this before. Here are three reasons why you might want a disability attorney on your side throughout this process.