Understanding The Legal Process

3 Tips For Your Personal Injury Case

by Eli Gregory

Going through a personal injury situation can be a hectic time, because you are hurt and need the best representation possible from a personal injury lawyer who can take your case. In order to make this process go by as smoothly as possible, you will need to understand the importance of a settlement, find the best personal injury lawyer for the job and have an understanding of how much a personal injury attorney will cost you. To delve further into these tips, read on and consider the points below.

Understanding The Importance Of A Settlement

You may be picturing doing battle in court, but in the vast majority of personal injury cases, this is not what happens. Statistics show that between 95 and 96% of personal injury cases are settled without reaching the courtroom. Because of this, any personal injury lawyer that you hire should be adept at the art of the settlement. This will give you the best case scenario and make it so that you receive fair payments for your injury, pain and suffering, medical care and any other ongoing financial obligations.

Hiring The Right Personal Injury Lawyer For Your Case

When you need your personal injury case to be a successful one, this will boil down to the quality of attorney that you hire. The first and most important consideration to delve into is their experience. Find out not only how long they have been in business, but get examples of cases they have tried. You should also ask for a ratio of how successful they are in getting a settlement or court judgment as opposed to losing their cases. Seek references from others who have hired them for personal injury cases and also touch base with your local Bar Association in order to get quality referrals.

Factor In The Cost

Hiring a personal injury attorney does not cost you money up front, but in most cases will consist of a contingency fee. The contingency fee is the percentage that the lawyer will receive out of your judgment or settlement for winning your case. These fees usually range anywhere between 33% and 40%. In most situations, if your case is settled and not tried in court, this contingency fee will not reach more than 33%. Get your personal injury lawyer's fees in writing and make sure you shop around before hiring the lawyer you want to represent you.

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