Understanding The Legal Process

Did Your Infant Die During Childbirth? Get Legal Help Fast

by Eli Gregory

If you were in labor for hours and your obstetrician didn't take you in for a C-section, and you think this resulted in your infant's death, call a lawyer right away. If your baby died because they were trapped or because of other complications and you think that it could have been avoided, there are some things you need to know. 

You need to keep your thoughts to yourself and not talk about the case without consulting with a lawyer, and with the other parent of the child. Here are some things you want to take with you to the lawyer, and some things to consider.

Don't Sign Anything

The legal professionals that represent the hospital or your medical professional may try to have you sign something at the hospital that says you aren't going to press charges. Don't sign anything at all, and have them send all documents to your lawyer for approval. You could mistake something as a discharge papers, and really it's something else.

Write Down all Explanations

When the doctors start to tell you why things happened and what went wrong, make sure that you're keeping accurate notes about what the explanation is. If you start to get different explanations, have each medical professional make a statement for you, or ask them to put everything in writing for you.

You should have it written down when you started to go into labor, at what point you asked or suggested a C-section may be better, and when you noticed something was wrong.

Copy All Medical Bills and Other Expenses

Make sure you have copies of all your medical bills and other expenses, so you can determine how much this cost you. You can't get a life back, but you can get compensation for all of the medical bills you have in front of you, along with burial costs and compensation for all the grieving. The lawyer can help you get an amount for the case.

There is nothing easy about grieving the loss of a child, or experiencing a problem during childbirth, but you shouldn't have to suffer because your doctor didn't make the best decision with your care. If you feel you have evidence to prove that the labor and delivery process was mishandled, don't wait to get a wrongful death attorney to help with the case. Money is something you shouldn't have to worry about when you have to deal with the loss.