Understanding The Legal Process

3 Reasons You Might Want Help From A Disability Law Attorney

by Eli Gregory

If you have recently become disabled, you may have the right to financial compensation either from the party that injured you or through direct aid from the government. Filing for disability with the government in particular can be a complicated process and it's easy to feel overwhelmed if you've never dealt with anything like this before. Here are three reasons why you might want a disability attorney on your side throughout this process.

 Avoid Paperwork Mistakes

Filing for disability often involves collecting all of your medical documentation and presenting it in a way that bolsters your case. This will likely involve filling out multiple government forms. If you have no previous experience handling something like this, it's possible you could make a mistake at some point during the process. The government can be a stickler for accuracy when it comes to claiming disability and even a small paperwork mistake could get your claim denied or delayed, at least temporarily. Having an expert in disability law on your side will ensure you dot the i's and cross your t's the first time through.

Assistance During the Interview Portion of the Process

In some cases, your paperwork will be enough to get your disability claim approved. But for others, the government may have specific questions they want to ask you about your disability. If you are contacted by someone from the Social Security Administration, it's important that you choose your words carefully and provide truthful and accurate information in order to bolster your claim. If you are worried about putting your foot in your mouth and having something come out the wrong way, you can let your disability lawyer assist you through this process.

If You Don't Succeed, Try Again

Having a disability lawyer on your side can be especially helpful if your first attempt at making a claim has been denied. Your lawyer can go over your paperwork and look for any issues that may have led to the denial. If the paperwork looks OK, your lawyer can then move forward and contact the SSA directly in an attempt to get your case appealed. Sometimes just getting a letter or a phone call from an attorney is enough to get someone to give your case another serious look. 

Becoming disabled can be a traumatic experience, but the government has a process in place to provide aid to those in need. But if you want to increase your chances of success when making a disability claim, it can be helpful to have an attorney, like Scott E. Shaffman Attorney At Law, on your side. Contact an expert in disability law today for more information.