Understanding The Legal Process

The Case Value Contingency Fee Connection

by Eli Gregory

If you are certain that the insurance company is giving you the run-around after a car accident, you may need to speak to a personal injury attorney. When another driver is at fault for the wreck, you are owed money damages. Some auto insurance agencies loathe to pay most victims what they need and deserve unless you have an attorney on your side. Getting legal help with your case might be easier than you expect. Read on to find out how the value of your case is tied to the way you pay your personal injury attorney.

The Value of Your Case

Knowing what your personal injury case is worth is important and not just because you are curious or need the money. The more you are owed as a result of the accident, the more vital it may be to take action in the first place. One of the primary gauges of a case's value lies within the total dollar amount of your medical expenses. This fact tends to catch some victims off guard because medical expenses are one common loss that auto insurers are known to pay first. Unfortunately, if you are severely injured, you are just not likely to be fully compensated without taking legal action. In other words, the insurance company may pay your medical expenses, but a severe injury sets up a chain reaction of other problems that most insurers won't cover. Here is a listing of all the forms of damage you can expect to recover by taking legal action against the insurers:

  • Medical expenses of any type, scope, or dollar amount.
  • Future medical expenses for problems down the road and for permanent disabilities due to the accident injury.
  • Lost wages from missing work.
  • Lost career opportunities if the wreck has permanently damaged your ability to work at your job.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of consortium.

Contingency Agreements

Personal injury lawyers who work with contingency agreements only take cases that meet certain criteria. Once you provide the lawyer with information about the accident and your injuries, they can make an assessment of the value of your case. Most lawyers don't make promises about compensation, but if a contingency fee lawyer agrees to take your case, then it is worth enough money to make the case worth their time. Additionally, they won't take the case unless it looks winnable. Personal injury lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis only get paid for their work if your case is successful.

You are entitled to be paid money damages, so speak to an attorney at a firm such as Wolfe  Jones Wolfe Hancock Daniel & South LLC today.