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Truck Underride Accidents: How A Lawyer Can Help

by Eli Gregory

If you've ever been in a car wreck, you know just how frightening they can be. But if you're involved in a truck underride accident, the stakes are much higher.

Truck underride accidents occur when a smaller vehicle slides underneath a larger truck, often resulting in serious injuries or death. Because of the size and weight difference between trucks and cars, truck underride accidents can easily turn fatal.

Here's more information on truck underride accidents and what you can do if you're involved in one.

What Causes a Truck Underride Accident?

Truck underride accidents may happen due to poor visibility, driver error, or faulty tail lights. However, most trucks have underride guards that keep smaller vehicles from slipping underneath if a collision occurs. So, if a truck has ineffective guards, an underride accident is a lot more likely to happen.

These collisions could happen in the following ways:

  • Rear-end crash. The smaller vehicle slams into the back of the truck and then slides underneath.
  • Side underride collision. This accident happens when the smaller car crashes into the side of the truck and goes under.
  • Offset crash. This collision happens when a car causes an impact with the truck from angles other than head-on or rear-end.

A truck underride accident could be terrifying, especially for the driver and passengers in the smaller car. If you're involved in such a collision, you need to know your rights and the steps to take. A reputable truck accident lawyer can protect your interests if you intend to take legal action.

Who's Liable in a Truck Underride Accident? 

In some cases, both the drivers may be held liable for a truck underride accident. But there may be instances where only one party is at fault. For example, if a car driver tried to overtake a truck on the side and caused the accident, the car driver would be liable for the collision.

Third parties could also be liable for a truck underride collision. For instance, if a defective part causes or contributes to an accident, the auto manufacturer could be liable for any resulting injuries or damages. Also, if a company fails to properly maintain its trucks, they could be held responsible for any subsequent injuries and property damage caused by those trucks.

Since many parties could be at-fault, your truck accident lawyer may have to confirm the facts of your case independently.

To determine the causes of your accident and who is liable for it, your lawyer will likely investigate the accident scene and collect solid evidence. They may review police reports, interview witnesses, and inspect the vehicles involved in the accident. Based on their findings, your lawyer can advise how best to proceed with your case and get compensation.

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