Understanding The Legal Process

Five Things Your Divorce Attorney Must Know About

by Eli Gregory

If you are going through a divorce, speaking with a divorce lawyer is one of the best decisions you can make. Your divorce lawyer will have your best interests at heart and will help guide you through the process in a manner that will help you the most. However, there are several things that a divorce lawyer will need to know to be able to help you adequately. 

1. The Reason for Your Divorce

Your divorce attorney will likely want to know the reason for your divorce. If you simply fell out of love, this might not be relevant. However, if there was spousal abuse or financial problems, this will be important for your divorce attorney to know.

2. Your Requirements

With a divorce, you will often not be able to get everything you want even with the best divorce attorney. Therefore, your divorce attorney will need to know what things are the most important to you. Also, when your attorney knows what is the most important to you, they will be better able to build a compelling argument in your favor. 

3. Your Current Living Arrangements

You should clarify whether you are currently living together with your spouse and if you intend to continue to live together. Some couples continue to live together even after divorce for financial reasons. You'll need to clarify whether you will be moving out, your spouse will be moving out, or you will both sell the house and go your separate ways. 

4. Your Children

If you have children, this can make the process of getting divorced more complicated and you may have further legal issues after your divorce, such as custody and child support disputes. Your divorce lawyer will need to know exactly what your wishes are as a parent so that they can help you get exactly what you want out of the divorce.

5. Your Separation

If you have separated, you will need to clarify how long you have been separated. You must clarify whether you underwent an informal or legal separation because there are specific legal rules regarding how a legal separation must be handled.

You will also want to ask your family law attorney questions. Therefore, you will want to write down as many questions as you can think of so you do not forget them when you have your initial consultation. However, when you answer your attorney's questions, they'll have a much easier time helping you. Contact a family law attorney to learn more.