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Take These Precautions At Crosswalks To Avoid A Reckless Driving Charge

by Eli Gregory

Many people picture reckless driving as something that occurs at a high rate of speed, but it's possible to pick up this traffic charge if you're only traveling a couple of miles per hour. One potential way to earn a reckless driving ticket is by being unsafe at crosswalks. This is one area in which vehicles and pedestrians mingle, which means that unsafe driving can dramatically increase the risk of a serious injury or even a death to a pedestrian. Police officers will often monitor motorists around crosswalks, so make sure to take these precautions.

Don't Solely Look For The Lights

Many crosswalks are equipped with lights that turn on when a pedestrian taps the button to indicate that he or she is crossing. Lights aren't always present, however, so you shouldn't be in the habit of only looking for the lights. For example, if you're approaching a crosswalk and don't see any blinking lights, you might cruise right through it without realizing that a pedestrian is indeed using it. You should always scan the crosswalk from curb to curb to ensure the coast is clear before you proceed.

Wait Until People Are On The Curb

One way that you can earn a traffic ticket is by moving through the crosswalk before the pedestrian using it has stepped up onto the curb. While it's true that the pedestrian in question is likely out of harm's way, this law is in place to give crosswalk users adequate time to cross without vehicles zipping past them as they cross. Even if the pedestrian is a whole lane away from you but is still in the crosswalk, you should make a habit of waiting until he or she has both feet up on the curb.

Don't Get Tunnel Vision

There's little doubt that sitting at a crosswalk and waiting for a pedestrian to cross in front of you, especially if you're in a hurry, can be a nuisance. When you're pressed for time, it's easy to get so focused on watching someone walk past you that you fail to look the other way before you accelerate. For example, if your head is turned to watch someone walk from your right to your left, always look back to the right before you pull forward. It's possible that another pedestrian has just stepped off the curb. In the event of a reckless driving charge from a crosswalk incident, consult a law office like Tolbert & Tolbert, LLP.