Understanding The Legal Process

You've Fled The Scene After An Accident — Here's How To Proceed

by Eli Gregory

If you're ever in a car accident, you should know to pull over to the side of the road, if possible, and wait for the police to arrive. However, in your panicked state, you might alternatively act in a manner that you could soon regret. Fleeing the scene after a car accident can be tempting, but it's almost certainly going to lead to further legal issues for you. Instead of potential traffic charges from the accident, you could end up with a hit and run charge and a multitude of other associated charges. If you've been in an accident and made the mistake of fleeing the scene for any reason, here's how you should proceed.

Call A Car Accident Attorney

As soon as you calm down and realize that you've made a big mistake, find the number for a local law firm and call to speak to a car accident attorney. In just a short conversation, you can explain what you've done and answer a series of questions about the accident that the attorney will ask. For example, he or she will usually want to know why you fled the scene, how serious the accident appeared to be, and how long it has been since the accident took place.

Return To The Scene

In some cases, your car accident attorney will recommend that you return to the scene. This may be the best choice in your situation if only a few minutes have elapsed since the accident and you're not far away. Although any police officer on the scene will likely be very stern with you because of your decision to flee, he or she will also appreciate that you returned. When the case goes to court, the officer will have to testify that you returned to the scene, which demonstrates responsibility.

Arrange To Turn Yourself In

Perhaps the accident scene is no longer active, likely because you've waited a long time to make your decision about how you should proceed. It's possible that the police are already looking for you. If the other driver or a witness obtained your license plate number or vehicle description, the police could be seeking you. Your best option is to take responsibility for your mistake, and this can include turning yourself in to the local police department. You don't generally want to do so alone, however. You'll want to meet up with your attorney beforehand.

For more information, contact your local auto accident attorneys.