Understanding The Legal Process

A Guide To Using An Environmental Law Attorney

by Eli Gregory

Whether you are hit with an ecological pollution violation or need help passing an inspection, there may come a time in the course of your business that you will need the help of an environmental law attorney. You need to be sure that you understand the ins and outs of how an environmental law attorney works, so that you can hire the right attorney for your needs. When this is what you are looking for, follow this guide and reach out to an environmental attorney who can provide for you. 

How can an environmental lawyer serve me?

Your company or municipality would do well to have an environmental lawyer on retainer. For instance, if your company deals with agriculture, fish and game or any forms of live plants or animals, you will need the backing of an environmental lawyer to remain within the necessary guidelines and regulations. Likewise, government agencies and municipalities that utilize utilities and energy will need the assistance of an environmental lawyer to monitor their use of energy and following Environmental Protection Agency regulations. In 2013 alone, the EPA levied more than $5 billion in criminal and civil fines rooting from environmental penalties. This can be crippling to your company, regardless of how successful you are. For that reason, you should use these attorneys on a retainer basis, so that they are always available when necessary. 

What are the advantages of hiring an environmental law attorney?

Seeking the help of an environmental attorney is so drastically important because they have the necessary legal expertise to help your claim go through. Whether you are on the hook for a violation or want to hold another party accountable for an environmental violation, your attorney will put together a quality game plan which will allow you to proceed. This is incredibly important in today's workplace, due to the prevalence of toxins, asbestos, allergens and other sorts of harmful substances. 

How to I get the help of the environmental law attorney that I need?

When you want to retain the services of the right environmental law attorney, you will need to understand some strategies to go about it. First, you should reach out to your local EPA chapter or bar association, to be sure that you get good recommendations for attorneys. You can also seek references from other parties within your industry that have used the attorney agency. From there, you will want to seek consultations to get a clear game plan of how they will help you, along with getting their fees in writing. 

Follow these tips to hire an environmental lawyer from a firm like Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke-Chartered who can assist you.